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Our Dynamic Story

Pre-2014:  Tara Duden, Owner,  had been a Special Education Teacher/Case Manager in alternative high school settings guiding at-risk youth through many of life's challenges and their educations.

Through many life ups and downs she chose to step away from her 15+ year career in the education field.

She worked  full time with her husband, Justan for their family owned tree service.  As the seasons changed in Minnesota, her husband encouraged her to pursue a personal training certificate.  This combined Tara's interests of fitness and being physically active along with her years of teaching experience and background.

DECEMBER 2014:  After more mini-journies, encouragement, time and effort (by many) Dynamic Evolution, LLC officially came to be December 1, 2014.

Tara's fitness perspective in what she hoped to provide others with functional and non-traditional fitness options compared to other workout facilities. Offering variety in a group setting, yet always individualizing by modifying or scaling for each client to be successful and challenged at their fitness level and ability.  Tara stresses for each person to learn proper form, learn when to breathe and do things safely.  Injuries are not completely avoidable.  However, by increasing clients awareness and knowledge their confidence will also grow.  Resulting in clients realize they are strong and capable of doing and trying different activities.
Many people who begin working out end up in a routine they get bored with or do not continue to see results and they give up. I personally work very hard to come up with new ideas and combinations so no workout or class is ever the same!  My hope is for my clients keep coming back for more!!!

Meet Our Family

We have a small group of class leaders/trainers.  We are Family!!!

Tara Duden

Dynamic Evolution Owner

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

Yoga Fit Ceritfied Level 1, 2, 3, Pre-Post-Natal, Seniors, KidsFit

Justan Duden

Brazilian Jui Jitsu Brown Belt

   Muay Thai KickBoxing

Traditional Boxing

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

(Tara's Hubby)

Bonnie Thoe Austin